greater great

My son promoted our dog. Haley was a puppy and about a year old when Kolby declared he was done telling her she’s a “good girl” and was promoting her to “great girl.” All those times we called her “good,” he decreed, were over. From now on, Haley was great. That’s kinda how we feel about the Greater Great. There are plenty of people doing Good. Good work and Good deeds. And we hope they all keep doing it. But we want to take it to the next level. We want to be great.  A friend of ours used to sign his emails with Dare to be Great! That’s kind of what it takes to go to the next level. Fearlessness. The ability to dare yourself to reach for something bigger. Something Greater. We want to reach. We want to stretch. And we want to see what happens when we do. We're forever grateful to these GREATS (and all the others):


Aha Moments

Mutual of Omaha took a chance on a groundbreaking idea: What if we told the most vulnerable and real stories from real people? What if we didn’t worry about all the production bells and whistles and shot national TV spots in the back of an Airstream? What if we let the general public vote on the stories they wanted to see on TV? What if we didn’t mention insurance at all? The results were incredible. The “Aha Moment Campaign” shared more than 5,000 stories, produced dozens of commercials, logged tens of thousands of miles and secured hundreds of millions of media impressions. All while hitting the KPIs and delivering ROI. The best return, though? We authentically and positively impacted peoples’ lives.

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Live Riveted

Walking into the Airstream factory is like walking into the best of America. Good, hard working people building the iconic silver bullet trailers by hand. People with pride. People who have, in some cases, worked on the floor for more than 50 years. People who believe that they are building experiences, dreams and time machines. Our task was (and remains) to help tell the story. What kind of content can be produced? What kind of messaging initiatives? How can we connect the product to the experiences and the experiences to the Streamers and the Dreamers? We developed the Live Riveted rallying cry, Leave it Beautiful initiative, Endless Caravan experience and more. They all provide points of connection. Airstream’s founder, Wally Byam, wanted to make the world better. We’re honored to help do that.

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Rock & Roll

Having the opportunity to develop brand and content partnerships for the legendary Sweetwater Music Hall is a dream come true. The Sweetwater has been part of global live music lore since it first opened its doors in 1972. Bob Weir, The Grateful Dead, Bonnie Raitt, Michael Franti, Los Lobos, Preservation Music Hall, Carlos Santana, Sammy Hagar, Gregg Allman, Elvis Costello, Etta James, Train, Kenny Loggins and hundreds of other legends headline a who’s-who of artists that have played the historical venue, helping it earn its unofficial moniker, “The Greatest Rock & Roll Club in the Universe.”

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Schools Win!

“Can we give away $250,000 to schools?” We asked the question knowing we’d likely be shot down and have to go back to the proverbial drawing board. Windstream didn’t say no, they asked, “How?” Well…We created a social media-driven tour. Where we went was determined by engagement. We asked schools to tell us what they would do with $1000 and then magically showed up with a giant check! We wanted to do more: So we asked, “What would you do for $25,000?” The response was overwhelming. Schools need our help. Students need opportunities. They need to feel successful. Cared for. We were able to help. Even just a little.

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Bay Area's
Best Night of Basketball

We have deep roots in sports marketing. And our work on World Cup Soccer, Rose Bowl, Super Bowl, Ironman Triathlon and more led us to the Pete Newell Challenge. For nearly 10 years, we produced “The Bay Area’s Best Night of Basketball,” a nationally broadcast, college basketball doubleheader. Working with powerhouses like Duke, Michigan State, Gonzaga, North Carolina and, of course, Stanford and Cal, we produced an event that, to this day, holds the college basketball attendance record in the state of California. Nearly 20 years later, the noise created by Casey Jacobsen when he hit a little jumper with 3.6 seconds left to life Stanford over Duke in 2000 still echoes through the Bay Area.

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We’ve done work for Oracle, MBT Shoes and created a program for a non-profit that was called the “best use of social media for non-profit marketing yet.” We developed, produced and sold an original, animated Web series that generated millions of views. We’ve worked for startups and icons. We’ve tackled issues like the battles football players are facing with CTE. We even provide creative counsel to other agencies. Because we believe that if more people are telling soul-level stories, we all win. The best part is the opportunity to work with and meet amazing, inspiring people. Which is really what it’s all about, right?