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We’re human. We bring our dogs to work. We wish people treated each other with more kindness and compassion. We work hard to respond to challenges mindfully more than reacting emotionally. (We don’t always succeed.) We think people should never miss an opportunity to celebrate a happy occasion. And we love, love, love the sleepless nights that come from creating work that connects. Because we think genuinely connecting is at the core of our collective human purpose. The core of our existence. That’s all we really want, isn’t it? To feel connected? To feel like we belong? To something? To Anything? Somewhere? Anywhere? We don’t like that profound words like collaboration, transparency, authenticity, and yes, even purpose have been overused and have lost meaning. Yet, we still believe deeply in the true intention of those words. Our work is still driven by those words. Our relationships are still built upon those words. We believe creating positive, gratefully inspired conversations and experiences that better connect us to each other can change the world. And we help create those conversations and experiences.